You've just past your state real estate exam, or perhaps you are thinking about getting your real estate license. Let us help set your expectations, or at least point you in the right direction for your real estate career by busting a couple myths about being a REALTOR.

1.  You are your own boss

This sounds great in theory, but we would argue you probably have at least two bosses overseeing the work you are doing. First, you customer or client. If they don't approve of your work, you will get fired, and they will find someone else. Sure you can choose not to work with the client as well, but it's generally harder to find a new client early in the business that's looking to buy or sell a home in the near future, than it is for them to find another…

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It's national taco day, so it seemed only appropriate to talk about some of our favorite taco destinations around town.

Having spent the majority of my 20's traveling around North, Central, and South America...I inherently learned to take tacos seriously! I experienced first hand that often the best tacos do not come from fancy restaurants, as it's the ultimate street food. For purposes of this list, there will be no chain restaurants mentioned. I generally judge tacos on their tortillas, salsa (bonus for good salsa verde), and either carne asada, or fish. Sorry, if you make the most amazing vegan or chicken tacos, I just haven't experienced them. 

  • Los Chapos Tacos (yBor and Lutz)

  • Tacos El Borracho (South Tampa)

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As a REALTOR, we have our own language that we use everyday, but for the general consumer that isn't buying or selling real estate often, the terminology can get a little confusing especially when other areas of the country may have a different process or vocabulary. Hopefully, this helps!

Escrow Deposit (aka: Good Faith Deposit, Earnest Money Deposit or Escrow Money Deposit, EMD)

Escrow deposit is a sum of money you put down to demonstrate your seriousness about buying a home. It is typically held by a 3rd party, such as a Title Company, Attorney, or Real Estate Brokerage. It can be held at a different location than the Closing Agent (agents please understand this). The time to place escrow is negotiated between Buyer and Seller and is noted on…

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Culbreath Isles

Culbreath Isles is home to one of South Tampa's few gated single family communities. Waterfront estate homes, and large lots are all hallmarks of living in Culbreath Isles.


One of Tampa's premier gated golf club communities, Avila offers a luxurious country club lifestyle while still remaining convenient to Downtown Tampa, Carrollwood, Lutz, South Tampa, and Tampa International Airport.

Reserve of Tampa Palms

The Reserve is the premium gated community in Tampa Palms. Large estate homes situated next to the Tampa Palms Golf and Country Club. 

Old Memorial

This community gets its name from the proximity to Old Memorial Country Club. However, the community is not affiliated with the private club. Developed primarily…

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Record Sale at 10000 Lindelaan Drive by Bustin Vanderson GroupBustin Vanderson Group was grateful and honored to represent the Seller in this record breaking sale. 10000 Lindelaan Drive represents the highest priced home sale in the history of Carrollwood. Located on White Trout Lake, with inspirational elements of Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie homes, balanced out by Florida's historical Art Deco movement.

Carrollwood is located about a 15 minute drive from Downtown Tampa. Most of Carrollwood was developed in the 1960's - 1980's, and was one of Tamp's first planned communities.

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Harbour Island waterfrontWriting this neighborhood spotlight is special for me. Harbour island is the reason I moved to Tampa in 2007. At the time, I could live anywhere as I was playing professional racquetball and resided in Naples, FL. Naples was great, but I was craving something more of a city life, and I started looking to move, but wasn't sure where. The east coast of Florida wasn't quite my vibe, and happened to be invited to conduct a racquetball clinic at Harbour Island during my off-season. I drove up to Tampa, and instantly fell in love with the city, people, and atmosphere. The set up was perfect for me. I could walk to Harbour Island Athletic Club, Tampa International Airport was 15 minutes away with more direct flight options than the other cities I had live in,…

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Single family months of inventory in Hillsborough County

This graph shows the months of inventory for single family homes in Hillsborough County. As you can see in the month of June we went from a little more than 1 month of inventory to a little over 4 months of inventory. We believe interest rate increases are starting to have their effect on buyer demand, as many potential home owners are getting priced out of the market, or waiting on the sidelines. 4 months of inventory is still considers a sellers market, but it is getting close to a neutral market. At the moment we don't anticipate prices dropping, but there is now more homes for buyers to choose from, and pricing correctly will become more valuable. 4 months is also about where the market was pre-pandemic. We are anticipating the months supply to…

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Berns park in Hyde Park South TampaHyde Park is perfect for anyone who wants walkability, dinning options, and the old nostalgic charm of a historic neighborhood.

Residents can take advantage of enjoying walking, biking, and/or jogging on Bayshore Boulevard, entertainment of Downtown Tampa, shopping and dinning of Hyde Park Village, and SoHo. There is also parks that include fun for children, as well as basketball, baseball/softball/kickball, and our furry friends as well.

Hyde Park History

The Hyde Park neighborhood was one of Tampa's first established communities in the 1880s by railroad financier Henry B. Plant. It was colonized when Plant built the first bridge across the Hillsborough River at Lafayette Street, which is now known as Kennedy Boulevard today. The first house…

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Waterfront home Bustin Vanderson GroupFlorida has long been a popular migration destination due to the weather, lifestyles, and the fact there is no state income tax, but demand has increased the last couple years. What's changed? In a word...COVID.

Work From Home

Covid has changed the workplace dynamic. It had long been thought that productivity would fall if employees were not in the office. That did not happen during Covid, and thus spawned the work from home movement. No that covid is more in the rear view mirror, many companies have adopted new office policies. Either a hybrid model, where employees are only required to come to the office a couple days a week, or allowing employees to work completely from home. This freedom has enabled employees to rethink where they live, and not…

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A Summary of Hillsborough County housing market statistics

Microscopic record low levels of inventory continue across much of Florida, and Hillsborough county is no exception. Average days on market is at or near record low, meaning buyers don't have much time to view or put in an offer, and depending on price point many homes are gathering multiple offers. Inventory levels are below 1 month supply, and demand continues to outpace supply. We are anticipating interest rates to continue to rise, as the Fed tries to control inflation and slow down housing demand. This increase may have an effect on buyer demand in the months to come, but until the supply and demand equilibrium changes, we expect home prices to continue to rise in the Tampa Bay Region.

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